Florida - Edelweiss Photos by Don Fahnestock
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Night photography at Stranahan House, Fort Lauderdale. II
he Stranahan House, also known as the Pioneer House, is an historic building located at 335 Southeast 6th Avenue in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States.

It was built in 1902 as a trading post by Frank Stranahan (1865-1929}, the founder of Fort Lauderdale, who had earlier established a ferry across the New River at this point to carry traffic on the newly built road from Lantana to what is now North Miami (that road is now U.S. Route 1). The building also served as the town hall and post office. It became his home in 1906 when he added a second story and remodeled the existing structure for his wife, Ivy Julia (Cromartie) Stranahan (1881-1971), Fort Lauderdale's first teacher and co-founder, whom he had married in 1900. After her husband's death Ivy Stranahan kept the house, but rented out the first floor to a restaurant. After her death it was devised to the Seventh-Day Adventist Church which sold it to the Fort Lauderdale Historical Society in 1979. After being restored the house was conveyed in 1981 to Stranahan House, Inc., a non-profit corporation set up to preserve and maintain it.[2][3]

On October 2, 1973, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places.