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Hi! Thanks for stopping by my Volkskunst, art-for-folks, fine art site!

Who am I? .....I feel like a "bohemian eclectic," or "international nomad." I've lived on four continents, worked on six, in more than 30 countries, living and immersing myself in all their great cultures and really getting to know their people. I'm bilingual in English and German. When not at home in the Swiss Alps, my wife and I are likely visiting our five grandchildren, in the US.

The name "Edelweiss Photos" comes from my search for this elusive and beautiful flower.  It began in 1967, after I saw "The Sound of Music,"  no lie. I finally came upon a fantastic patch of edelweiss, on a 2007 hike, not far from our home, in Bivio, GR, Switzerland / Schweiz / Suisse, a quaint village, dating to Roman times, of 200 folks, a mile high, with the Julia River running through it. Check it out, on "Google Maps," and consider coming to visit. There are many great opportunities for photographers to make great images.

I take neither myself nor my photos too seriously, prefer film to digital, vinyl to CD, and my favorite artist is Salvador Dali

I'm an expert in leading marketing and advertising communication development and implementation, for some of the world's most iconic brands. My teams and I have also won a few awards - Berlin, Zürich, Cannes, Johannesburg.

I've sponsored sports: World Cup™ Alpine Skiing, Ski Jumping Teams, ATP™ Tennis Tournaments and two Formula-1™ teams.

I backed the Techno music scene, in Germany, from the underground to mainstream - main sponsor of "Mayday™" (Dortmund), "Love Parade™" (Berlin;  We grew it from 7,500 to 400,000 spectators.), "The Desert Rave™" (In the Las Vegas desert, for 7,000 ravers.), "Airave™" (A non-stop rave for 255 ravers and DJ's at 30,000+ feet, from Frankfurt, Germany to Las Vegas and back.).

For the selection of photographs, films and artwork, to support of all my projects, I always asked only a few simple questions: "Do the images communicate our brands' values? Will our customers feel invited to and want to get to know our brands as friends? In short, do they speak to our consumers?"

Do my photos speak to you? Do you want to know the subjects better? Do you want to be there? If so, I've succeeded, for us both.

I'd love to hear from you (English or German), on any topic - my photos, visiting Switzerland, or just about anything else. Finally, you can click the icons to like "Edelweiss Photos"  on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. If I hear from you, you'll hear from me. Promise!

My motto: "I like making photos of what I like, and hope you will like them, too. My "defined style" is my "mood of the day.""



(Disclaimer: Yep, that is indeed me. However, it's sad, but true, that this image is not what greets me each morning, in the mirror. Thanks go to my lovely wife, Debbie, for making this photo, at sunrise, on an island beach, in the Maldives, in 1980.)

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